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Research tool: Article search in EBSCO based on Journal Ranking

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In talks with different scholars I often recognize that they are unfamiliar with the use of software tools for scientific research and work. Often researchers lack of knowledge which tools exist to make work qualitativly better and their creation easier. So, from time to time I will present some tools which I use to structure my work and to simplify my work processes. Today I will start with EBSCO StrinGen:

A colleague of mine, Martin Heitmann, who former finished his PhD-Thesis at the Technical University of Berlin, developed for his research a nice tool called EBSCO StrinGen to search for specific terms in the EBSCO Database based on the German Management Journal Ranking 2008 of the VHB, the German Academic Association for Business Research.

Sadly, the tool is only available in German. But this is how the tool works:

1. You insert your search term.

2. You add where the search term should be included (e.g. only in abstracts, titles, author names, etc.)

3. You choose

– a. the ranking-level (e.g. A+, A, B, etc. Journals) or

– b. you specify the exact sub-group of management discipline (e.g. marketing, innovation, accounting, etc.)or

– c. you chose exactly the journals name

4. The tool generates the string which you insert in the search field in EBSCO (maybe modify it a bit).

Using the tool you can get an overview of articles with a specific quality very quickly. But be careful, not all journals listed in the Ranking are include in the EBSCO Database. To make research transparent one have to do literature research in these journals separately.

Is anyone knowing a tool like this based on other international rankings?


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