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Research Tools – “Renting” Journal Articles


Everyone in research knows that having no online access to a very promissing article (at least according to the abstract) is really annoying. The more annoying it is if one makes a lot of effort to get the paper (e.g. asking researchers from other universities or paying for papers) and realize that the paper does not promise what one expected.These days I found an interesting solution.

The website provides a service where researchers have access for a certain time for a paper. If you register for the free-version, you will have access to each article for 5 minutes a day. If you decide to pay $40/month, you will get virtually unlimited rentals. One have to note, that the articles are not in a downloadable PDF-format, but an HTML 5 container. So, no marking or copying. Anyway, I think the basic version is absolutly sufficient for pre-reading.

I think its a good business model, like google books. I think, it would be worth for the Emeralds, Wileys or Elseviers in this world to integrate such short rentals to their own online databasis.

Author: Martin Kamprath

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