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CfP: “People Create Your Innovative Technology – How Do You Manage Them”


A call from Int. J. of Technology Management

At the end of the day, there are always people behind any new technology or innovation. Representatives of young generations and employees working in R&D and innovation find the atmosphere and content of work highly important (Romero and Pescosolido, 2008). This effects R&D and technology management. There is a lot of discussion on related aspects in technology management literature at the organisational level. However, as Rauffet et al. (2016) indicate, individual competences are important constituents of organisational capabilities. Therefore, people-related issues are rapidly gaining momentum in R&D, innovation, technology development (Frishammar et al., 2015; Hannah and Robertson, 2015; Järvenpää and Majchrzak, 2016; Rau et al., 2016; Ritala et al., 2015; Wendelken et al., 2014).

Against the above described background, we wish to receive submissions that would take a fresh look at managing the people that generate innovative technologies. In particular, we would like to include papers discussing factors that are typically associated with either positive or negative outcomes regarding innovativeness but that can, depending on context, timing, etc., generate varying innovation outcomes – even in paradoxical and counterintuitive ways. In particular, examination of the patterns of when, how, and why specific human factors, management practices, and other such aspects turn out to be positive or negative are of interest

Subject Coverage

Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

•The role of people for competitiveness and cooperation in technology management
•Unconventional organisational tools for people management in technology management activities
•Organisational strategies for managing R&D employees
•Embracing cultural differences in technology management
•Contradictive issues in legal principles and organisational practices
•Employee turnover: cause of loss of knowledge assets or source of fresh new ideas?
•Innovation management from the viewpoint of strategy and management vs. R&D employees
•Downsides of intra-organisational knowledge sharing for technological developments
•Human factors promoting and/or declining productivity, efficiency, and quality of R&D
•(Over) enthusiastic employees as innovators and gatekeepers of core knowledge
•Complex linkages between external knowledge sharing and protection, and value capture
•Balancing intra-organisational knowledge sharing and protection
•Complexities of Inter-firmR&D and innovation activities
•Issues related to knowledge sharing and protection between individual experts
•The effects of voluntary and involuntary employee turnover for technology management
•Positive aspects of knowledge leakage in technology management
•Sense and emotions in technology management

Important Dates

Submission of manuscripts: 1 October, 2017

Notification to authors: 15 January, 2018

Final versions due: 15 May, 2018

Author: Martin Kamprath

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