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CfP: “Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship”


A call from Creativity and Innovation Management Journal:

Cultural and creative entrepreneurship are topics of increasing relevance, but less attention has focused on whether, how and why cultural and creative entrepreneurship differ from other varieties. Varieties of entrepreneurship refer to activities playing out in different spheres, specifically business, cultural, creative, social, and technological varieties. This special issue is open for submissions for papers on these topics. In particular, this special issue welcomes submissions which address the persons (entrepreneurs) and the venture creation (firms) involved in knowledge intensive entrepreneurship (KIE) within the cultural and creative spheres. McKelvey and Lassen (2013) provide a model framework for the process and elements of KIE, which is useful because it emphasizes the dynamic relation between the entrepreneur, the venture creation and the value creation. Papers in this special issue will extend our understanding, when they focus upon entrepreneurs and venture creation
through advanced knowledge, and activities related to production, dissemination and consumption of arts and culture.

Examples of relevant topics include (but are not restricted to):

  • What are the characteristics and traits of these entrepreneurs? What motivates and drives these
    entrepreneurs, in different cultural and creative settings?
  • How and why is ‘value’ made sense of, in the differing settings?
  • What types of performance measures can be developed, which are meaningful to capture the value of
    cultural and creative entrepreneurship?
  • On which dimensions and processes can one distinguish varieties of entrepreneurship? Why?

We would like to encourage all authors planning to submit a paper to this special issue to submit a first version of the paper to the next Creativity Innovation Management Community Meeting, that will take place at the University of Potsdam, Germany, on the 13-14 of October. This is an opportunity to discuss and get feedback on your work for your final submission. If you aim to do so, please look at for deadlines and submission and acceptance process for CIM community meeting
Submission deadline: 30 November 2016
All submission should follow the author guidelines for CIM, see CIM website.

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