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Different views on innovation.

About this blog

In opposite to other innovation blogs this blog is not about the next fancy and edgy high-tech-stuff. This blog is about different views and approaches about the umbrella term “innovation”.

Although the role of innovation is discussed since decades and innovation management has become an accepted discipline within the management literature, the existing concepts that grow out of innovation science are often labled as fuzzy and unscientific in relation to more established management diciplines. This might be the reason why innovation researchers base and justify their research on more established theories and concepts.

Indeed, the scientific landscape with all its concepts and pre-theories is fuzzy and sometimes hype-driven, but I personnally think that in the last decade several innovation concepts occured that had much impact on the pracademic world. Terms e.g. like “Open Innovation” or “Business Model Innovation” changed the way how we see and understand actions of employees or their leaders within companies, what they are doing and how they perceive their impacts on society and nature.

In this Blog I will report and publish some ideas, concepts, recent discussion and call for papers of relevant journals about research on innovation. I try to extend the understanding of innovation beyond the ordinary “innovation is equal to technology”-paradigma. For doctoral students I will give some tips for tools to make research easier and better.

All together the blog will throw light on interessting views on innovation from an innovation researchers perspective. You are invited to take part on the journey with your discussions!

– Martin

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