Variety of Innovation

Different views on innovation.

by Martin Kamprath

Serendipity for innovations

Luck and chance are perpetual parts of all management decisions. Especially with innovations, the two aspects play a much stronger role. When “ignites” an idea? How to get good ideas? How the customer does experience the product or service at … Continue reading

by Martin Kamprath

The Art of Constructing Typologies and Taxonomies of Business Models

One of the most typical scientific approaches to explore a phenomenon is to examine a certain population and describe its similarities and differences within this population. This is for example what Charles Darvin and Alexander von Humboldt did when they … Continue reading

by Martin Kamprath
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Research tool: Article search in EBSCO based on Journal Ranking

In talks with different scholars I often recognize that they are unfamiliar with the use of software tools for scientific research and work. Often researchers lack of knowledge which tools exist to make work qualitativly better and their creation easier. … Continue reading